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How my career restarted after giving birth to my baby

After giving birth to my baby, I immersed myself in the joy and busyness of being a mother. My daily life revolved around this little cutie who had just entered the world. I went from being a girl who knew nothing about motherhood to suddenly becoming a new mom, which brought about a huge change in my identity and a complete shift in my priorities.

As I spent 24 hours a day with my baby girl, I began to understand more and more the connection between a mother and her newborn. It was a wonderful feeling that I had never experienced before. I have experienced the hardships of being a new mom, but I have also felt the warmth of seeing my baby smile. With the support and help of my family, I have come to truly understand the meaning of "family."

During this time, I also met some other moms who had given birth around the same time as me. We shared our experiences and feelings about taking care of our babies, and gradually became friends.

Every day after the newborn's birth was filled with changes, from one month to three months, my baby was growing every day. The changes in a newborn happen so quickly and are fleeting, never to be repeated again, which makes each day so precious.

As a mom and photographer myself, I cherished every single day of my baby's growth and often used my camera to take photos of my daughter. One of my mom friends saw the photos I took of my daughter and really liked them, so she asked me if I could take photos for her family. That's how I did my first photo shoot after giving birth to my baby.

After the photo shoot for the 100th-day celebration, the mom, loved the photos and shared them with her other mom friends. As a result, more and more moms started reaching out to me for photo shoots. Before I knew it, my new career had begun.

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