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Your power is your confidence, don’t give up your power

Just had the chillest shoot with Doriane and her mom. You know, her mom flew all the way from La Réunion island, just across the big ocean, to Sydney just to see her. They only get to see each other every few years, , the love and longing in their eyes when they look at each other... it's something else. We were just chilling at the beach and chatting. Watching them gaze at the ocean and naturally lean into each other was so real. Funny how D, the youngest in her fam, is taller than her mom now, but still leans on her 50--year-old mom like old times.

Doriane showed her mom the photos and she teared up. She said they've never had photos this genuine before. Dori's favorite pic? The one where she's standing in front of her mom, and her mom's just watching her. She said, 'It's like no matter how old you are, your mum is always watching, always behind you in every step you take. So poetic!'

Doriane's working in Sydney and models for clothing brands in her free time. She said that even though she's used to being in front of the camera, she's never truly seen her real self like she did in these pics. I kinda guessed she wouldn't want any change of her body on her photos and asked her.

She was like, 'Absolutely not. My mum is my role model, always said beauty comes from the heart ❤️. She barely wears makeup, never did botox, doesn’t stress about aging. Super proud of my islander and French roots, and don't want society telling me what's beautiful.'

She mentioned struggling in high school because she felt different but thinks the last decade has been great for body positivity and embracing true beauty.

Seeing her reply got me thinking... This shoot wasn't just about capturing family love. It was about celebrating real beauty. That strength, passed down from her mom, has been nourishing her all her life.

I hope every girl finds that strength and confidence within, cherishing the power that comes from the heart.


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