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Welcome to Light By Xiao Photography

Bump, Baby, Motherhood, Family

We believes that family is everything,

joyful and touching family memories are the most precious treasure of your whole life.

when you look back at photos from your childhood,

what images stop you and take you back to that moment?

those photos at home,  the garden nearby, or your family's favourite beach

during our family session,

we'll go to your place, capture your family as honestly as I can,

There's no posed smile, just a lot of fun, playing and smile,

only lifestyle and natural way to tell your own family story. 

newborn baby 100 days.jpg

Welcome to the world, little one!

There's nothing quite like the magic of a newborn baby at home.

Your home is where your story begins, and I'm here to document the start of your family's newest chapter. Let me capture the sweetest moments of your newborn in their natural, comfortable surroundings.

newborn baby 100 days.jpg

Your family is your greatest treasure.

I believe that the most beautiful photos are the ones that tell a story,

and your family's story deserves to be captured.

As a lifestyle photographer,

I'll come to your home and create stunning images

that showcase your family's unique connection and love.

Let's venture into the great outdoors

and capture your family's unique story in a natural setting.

I'll take you to stunning outdoor locations

and create images

that timeless and authentic.


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