Hi there, I'm Stacey Xiao!

I'm a smiley and laid-back family photographer based in Sydney who tends to see the positive side in most circumstances. That's just how I make all magic happen especially when I need to ensure that everyone enjoys a fantastic time during our photography sessions !

My journey in the world of family photography began to unfold shortly after I relocated from bustling Shanghai to the vibrant city of Sydney. It was here that I welcomed my greatest gift, my daughter Sylvia. She's a source of inspiration like no other, and it was her arrival that sparked my desire to pick up a camera and capture the meaningful and beautiful moments that life has to offer, not just for myself but for other families as well.

Lifestyle photography is my niche, and I'm deeply passionate about freezing those raw, genuine emotions in an authentic and creative way. I thrive on crafting timeless images that tell a compelling story. Whether it's the beauty of everyday moments, the sheer joy of family bonds, or the significance of milestone events, I'm here to craft unique and memorable visuals that truly resonate with you.

Let's connect and embark on this creative journey together.

Contact me today, and let's make magic happen!


Fun Facts

You can call me Stacey or Xiao – Xiao is my Chinese name, so feel free to choose the one that's easiest for you (haha)!

I'm a pretty easygoing person. In my previous life, I spent 7 years as a television program director, interviewing thousands of people, capturing moments with celebrities, business elites, and even discovering some hidden talents. Listening and understanding others' feelings is something I'm really good at.

Also, I'm a travel enthusiast. I've ventured to 18 countries on solo adventures, and I absolutely adore diving. I even worked as an underwater photographer, exploring coral reefs in the Philippines and swimming alongside whales in Tonga.

Nature is my ultimate sanctuary. Whenever I'm feeling down, all it takes is a glimpse of the sea or a stroll through the forest to rejuvenate my spirits and bring back happiness and strength.

Now, there's one more thing that brings endless joy into my life – embracing and kissing my dear Sylvia, watching her beautiful smile light up the world.



“Xiao (Stacey) was an amazing photographer. She went above and beyond for our family shoot. The photos she took exceeded our expectations, we couldn’t choose which photo we liked the best they were all so amazing. Would recommend for any of your family photography. Can’t wait for the next session!”

“Baby fall asleep halfway through the photography session yet the photos look amazing and we’re truly grateful for the way Xiao Xiao captured our little one’s cute moments.”

“Xiao really knows how to capture the perfect moment! Her professionalism and attention to detail really made the shoot a great experience for my family. We were particularly impressed by the way she was able to capture the love we have for each other! The photos are truly stunning and we will love them for years to come.”

“On top of the amazing photos that captured lots of loving moments, Xiao's clear, gentle and prompt communication right from the start made the whole experience very smooth and pleasant!”

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